Meet JB?

JB Videography is me, Jamison Braly. I live in in the North Georgia area (Near Chattanooga) with my wife and kids but travel all over the southeastern United States. Why have a wedding film made? Speaking from experience, my wife and I do not remember much from our wedding over 10 years ago. We paid someone $300 to make a video for us. We thought we would get the ceremony and maybe some well-wishes at the reception. What we got was a video tape filmed on a camera sitting on a tri-pod during the ceremony. To this day we regret not shopping around for a real videographer and for not being willing to pay a little more for a video reliving that special day for us. sale-creek-423-2 What is my "Style"? What we I to do is capture all those little moments you WILL forget about, or not even notice, on your wedding day. As a result, when you watch your wedding film it will be like a brand new experience for you. But beyond capturing those moments, I tell stories. I love piecing together footage of the day to create a love story that is unique to that particular couple. Every wedding film maker has their own style.  Some try to make a film look "vintage". Some film in a "Documentary" style. Some bring large equipment. My "Style" is crisp, clean, bright, and fun. At a wedding my crew is generally just me and an assistant. My goal every year is to buy small, lighter, and more compact equipment. The last thing I want to do is distract family and friends from your wedding events. I make every effort to stay in constant contact with you throughout the editing process to be sure I produce a film that is tailored just to your likes, needs, and personality so you and your family can relive that special day forever. The majority of my work can be found at our Vimeo page here. Finally, I LOVE weddings. I actually get paid to go to parties! At a wedding I am laid-back, no-stress, and I like to joke a lot. It's a fun day and I want my clients smiling and not stressing. wes-and-me-210522156_916468811715366_6433145193723914940_o